Best cycling routes in the world

One of the main reasons why people love cycling more than any other form of exercise and actually spending some quality time outside is that you get to see great scenery. You are able to visit places that you would never make it to while running and you are going slowly enough so you can totally enjoy in them and savor them. So, what are the absolute best places for cycling in the world?

The first of these is the great ocean road in Australia. It is located in the south west of Australia, along its coast, of course. The entire road is 243 kilometer long and the views are simply breath taking. You are cycling along the ocean and you can check out all kinds of terrain, farmland, wetlands, gorgeous beaches and everything else that makes Australia so great.

From Australia, we go to India, or more precisely Rajasthan in India. Or even more precisely, Udaipur, a city that is also known as the Venice of the East. It is an ancient city and one of the most spectacular cities in the world with a world-renowned cycling tour that will guide you past temples, ancient forts, palaces that look like something out of this world, as well as great nature and people of India.

Then, there is the Karakorum Highway. To say that it is a remote part of the globe would be the understatement of the century. It is a highway which is located smack in the middle of the Karakoram mountains that are located between China and Pakistan. It isthe highest international road on the planet with one of the passes being more than 4,7 kilometers above the sea level. It may be a bit difficult to get to, but once you are there, you will understand that it is the most spectacular sight that you will ever see from your bicycle.

And now for something a bit closer to the home. We are talking about a place between Idaho and Montana, the so-called Route of the Hiawatha. This is actually an abandoned railroad that was transformed into a biking route which will take you through some of the most beautiful nature in the whole of the united states. It may be a bit closer to home, but it still needs to be found and enjoyed.

Finally, there is the Route des Grand Crus in Burgundy, France, the most scenic part of the world and one of the most gorgeous cycling routes ever. It meanders through the most mind-boggling hills covered in vineyards and wineries with old towns and incredible people. It is France and you go to France to cycle.


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